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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beyond Method #12

It is a little bittersweet to have this training come to an end.  Each day I have had an opportunity to learn something new and there was so much to learn.  It directed me to sites that were totally new to me and to sites that I had used before and forgotten about.   The blog is so helpful because it is a compilation of all the information that has been covered.  I know that I will be referring back to it frequently to link to these sites.
Thanks for this training.  It has been the best way to learn about online resources.  Special kudos to whoever did the graphics on your site.  They were what enticed me to do these courses.

Beyond Method #11

With one teacher's classes who were making oral presentations after having done research in the library, we used Poll Everywhere to get feed back from the other students about each presentation.  The student loved using the tool and kept them much more engaged in listening to their classmates.  That teacher used that method of polling throughout the rest of the school year.
Although I have been asked to fill out several surveys through Survey Monkey, but this is the first time I have created one.  It is so easy to use and I feel certain that I will be asking for input in this way in the very near future.

Click here to take survey

Beyond Method #10

About a year ago, a colleague encouraged me to sign-up for Classroom 2.0 which provides webinars the future of education using Elluminate.  On the plus side, I was exposed to many new ideas, techniques, and issues about which I wanted to learn.   The presenters were leading experts in their fields who I would not have had an opportunity to hear had there not been that forum.  On the negative side,  I did not always give the individuals my full attention, because I would usually have them on while I was working late in the library--on something else, I have to admit.  The ongoing chat was distracting and, yet, seemed to draw me in.  I thought that at times the moderators should have disabled it during parts of the webinar out of courtesy to the presenter.  All in all, they have been positive experiences.  I would not want all of education to move in this direction, but, having exposure to some of the most respected professors in the educational technology was invaluable.
Skype is a wonderful tool for face to face interaction, but I appreciate its limitations.  Its best uses are for contacting loved ones or family members or for planned presentations.  The hesitancy for using it for interacting with unknown individuals is totally understandable.  It is a fabulous tool and, certainly, be used more and more in our libraries.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beyond Method #9

I spent a great deal of time watching the videos that were posted. These programs are wonderful, because the creations made with them are so good. I have a mac and must admit that I have never used imovie. In the future, I will definitely be using it more. Unfortunately, I don't currently have any pictures or movies that I would like to use for a video for my new school so I am going to cheat a little bit and post one that I made a couple of years ago on Animoto.

Create your own video slideshow at

Monday, July 25, 2011

Beyond Method #8

Thank you so much!  I really need to learn this tool.  I love screenr.  I was able to create a screencast so quickly and easily.   The one I created can be used to instruct students in the use of our district's internet search engine, Nettrekker.  When using various website's, it can be so helpful to watch step-by-step instructions.
I was just notified that the video I created violated the terms of our districts agreement with Nettrekker and had to be removed.   I will work on replacing it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Beyond Method #7

I've used prezi several times in the past and have loved it.  The complaints about them making people queasy doesn't usually happen with high school students.   I found it to be a great tool for getting kids interested in research projects that they were assigned to do.
Having not had much of a chance to use it, I worked with google presentations.  It was quite easy to use with very clear instructions.  Embedding a video was a snap.  I will certainly be using it again.
Here's my very brief presentation--just a few slides short of the 450...that video
was amazing!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beyond Method #6

Having directed patrons to Project Gutenberg and Libravox in the past,  I have found these sites very useful for getting to older resources that the library it not have.  Project Gutenberg, for my purposes, was very easy to use, but I have not had the pleasure of downloading a book from that site to an ereader.  I have read at least one complete book on my computer which was not all that pleasurable an experience.  The immediate question harkens back to the old Beta/VHS debate, but one would hope that it would morph into the PC/Mac "compromises".  It would be my hope that there are the beginnings of conversations between the upper echelons of the library world and the publishing companies and technology industry to begin discussing how libraries can best embrace the ebook format.  What could be more beautiful than a patron finding a book in a library's OPAC then downloading it onto whatever ereader they possess all from the comfort of their living room couch (which by the way is exactly where I am right now)?